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Adding Bright to an existing system doesn't work! What now?

Adding Bright to an existing system doesn't work! What now?


The manual does discourage using the add-on method. If the prerequisites listed in the manual are not met, then that may be the reason. So, read that section of the manual carefully first.


If that doesn't help, the following run-through of the add-on method on a centOS 6.5 virtual machine illustrates the installation process so that you can compare matters to see if anything unexpected shows up. At the end of the procedure, some troubleshooting issues that may come up are dealt with.


Installation Process


1. Use a fresh Install of CentOS 6.5 (base OS)

This is the base server.

2. mount Bright DVD

[root@adel-addon ~]# mount -o loop /dev/sr0 /mnt

3. install bright-installer:

a. enable EPEL repository

[root@adel-addon ~]# wget

[root@adel-addon ~]# rpm -ivh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm

b. install dependencies

[root@adel-addon ~]# yum install createrepo

[root@adel-addon ~]# yum install perl-Expect

c. Install bright-installer RPM

[root@adel-addon ~]# rpm -ivh /mnt/addon/bright-installer-6.1-401_cm6.1.noarch.rpm

4. Install bright-installer pre-requisites

[root@adel-addon ~]# yum install lynx dialog bind mysql-server xorg-x11-server-Xorg tcl

5. Run the installer

[root@adel-addon ~]# install-bright -n

Bright Cluster Manager Product Key Activation



License Parameters


                            Country Name (2 letter code) []: na

                      State or Province Name (full name) []: na

                                         Locality (city) []: na

                        Organization Name (e.g. company) []: na

                     Organization Unit (e.g. department) []: na

                                            Cluster Name []: na

                            MAC address [??:??:??:??:??:??]:

Submit certificate request to Bright Computing? [y(yes)/n(no)]: y

Contacting license server ... License granted.

License has been installed in /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/

Will continue in 1 second(s))


                 Setting up repositories  .....   [  OK  ]

     Validating repository configuration  .....   [  OK  ]

        Installing distribution packages  .....   [  OK  ]

              Installing Bright packages  .....   [  OK  ]

                        Bright Computing, Inc.

                        Software License


Press Q to Quit)

Do you agree with the license terms and conditions? [y(yes)/n(no)/r(read)]: y


Please be aware that the Bright Cluster Manager will re-write the

following configuration on your system:

- Update network configuration files.

- Start a DHCP server on the management network.

- Update syslog configuration


Do you wish to proceed with the installation setup? [y(yes)/n(no)]: y

Management network parameters


             Network Name [internalnet]:

              Base Address []:

                      Netmask Bits [16]:

              Domain Name [eth.cluster]:

Management interface parameters


                  Interface Name [eth0]: eth1

            IP Address []:

External network parameters


             Network Name [externalnet]:

                    Base Address [DHCP]:

                      Netmask Bits [24]:

                         Domain Name []:

(Error: domainname cannot be empty)

                         Domain Name []:

External interface parameters


                  Interface Name [eth1]: eth0

                      IP Address [DHCP]:

External name servers list (space separated)


                    List []:

Head node hardware vendor


                    Vendor Name [other]:

Cluster password


Please enter the cluster password that will be used to password-protect the PFX file holding the administrator's certificate that will be used to authenticate to the cluster using the Cluster Management GUI.   


Please enter cluster admin password:

Please confirm cluster admin password:

MySQL root password


Please enter the MySQL root password:

Summary of cluster configuration


Cluster configuration saved in /root/.brightcm/build-config.xml


Do you wish to proceed with the above configuration? [y(yes)/n(no)/v(view)]: y


 Using build config /root/.brightcm/build-config.xml

 Installation progress is logged in /var/log/install-bright.log



        Updating database authentication  .....   [  OK  ]

               Setting up MySQL database  .....   [  OK  ]

                         Starting syslog  .....   [  OK  ]

 Initializing cluster mamangement daemon  .....   [  OK  ]

           Generating admin certificates  .....   [  OK  ]

      Starting cluster management daemon  .....   [  OK  ]


   Bright Cluster Manager has been installed successfully,

   and this host is now a Bright head node.


   To be able to provision nodes, a software image must

   be created using a base image of your choice, or using

   the base tar image that is included on the Bright DVD.

   Please refer to the Administrator's manual for

   instructions on how to use 'the cm-create-image'

   utility to create custom software images.

   Admin and User Manuals are available at the following


6. disable SELinux

[root@adel-addon ~]# cat /etc/selinux/config



7. reboot the head node

[root@adel-addon ~]# reboot

Related Troubleshooting:

1.  prompted to install files:


Please install the follow pre-requisites









[root@adel-addon ~]# yum install lynx dialog bind mysql-server xorg-x11-server-Xorg tcl

2. error saying mysql is not running:




 MySQL is not running. Please start the mysql server,

 and set the mysql root password, if not already done.    



[root@adel-addon ~]# service mysqld start

[root@adel-addon ~]# mysqladmin -u root password 'your secret mysql passw0rd'

3. warning about package conflicts:

Package conflicts


It is recommended that the following installed rpms be removed, prior to

proceeding with the installation.


lm_sensors-libs(installed) <==> lm_sensors(Bright)


[root@adel-addon ~]# rpm -e lm_sensors-libs --nodeps


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