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Can I run a DGX as a Bright head node?

We recommend that you do not run a DGX head node. In order to be able to scale up, it is beneficial to run a DGX node as a compute node to a non-DGX head node. This way if you decide to purchase more DGX hardware, you will be able to plug it into your cluster and be up and running within minutes.


However, it is definitely possible to run a DGX node as a Bright head node. In this case it makes sense to also allow workload to be executed on the head node of the cluster.


It should be noted that when Ubuntu is used as the Linux distribution, the only way to run a DGX head node using the official DGX software stack, is to first install the DGX node using the DGX install media and to do a Bright headnode add-on installation afterwards. This is because under normal circumstances, a Bright head node is installed using the bare metal installation option.


When RHEL/CentOS is used, it is possible to do a Bright bare metal head node installation, and install the DGX software stack as a set of RPMs afterwards.




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