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Installing bacula installs pbspro, which I don't want. What should I do?

Why does it happen?

Bacula is a backup application, PBS Pro is a job scheduler. The two are quite unrelated, so why should bacula have a dependency on pbspro?


The dependency is actually due to




which depend on a postgres library ( in Bright Cluster Manager 5.2). When resolving dependencies, yum settles on the first application it finds with that library, which is pbspro and suggests this to the administrator as a solution.


Unless actually using pbspro, an administrator would probably find this an inelegant solution.


What's the fix?

Ideally the dependency should be fixed by defining dependencies for bacula-*-postgresql better. This is outside of Bright Computing's control.


However two simple workarounds that the administrator can carry out are to:

  1. Run "yum install postgresql84-libs" before installing bacula (the exact version to install can be found with a "yum provides").
  2. (assuming pbspro is not to be added) Add pbspro to the exclude list line in /etc/yum.repos.d/cm.repo. The line normally has an exclude option for parted already. The modified line then becomes: exclude = parted pbspro

Another workaround (based on yum autoprov) that should prevent installing pbspro unnecessarily will be implemented in Bright 6.0+

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