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How do I insert a kernel module into the root file system of the RESCUE environment


How to insert a kernel module in the root file system of the RESCUE environment


  1. Unpack the rescue.rootfs.cgz of the default software image:

# mkdir -p /tmp/rescue

# cd /tmp/rescue

# cp /cm/images/default-image/boot/rescue.rootfs.cgz ./

# gunzip -dc rescue.rootfs.cgz | cpio -iumd


  1. Install the RPM which has the kernel module into the unpacked filesystem

# rpm -ivh hpsa-kmp-default-3.4.8-140.sles11sp3.x86_64.rpm --root=/tmp/rescue/ --nodeps


 2.5: Create module dependencies for new image: (this step is sometimes needed and is harmless)
                         chroot /tmp/rescue

                         depmod -a


  1. Repackage the rescue filesystem and replace the old rescue.rootfs.cgz (or make a copy of the old rescue.rootfs.cgz):

# cd /tmp/rescue

# find ./ | cpio -o -H newc | gzip --best > ../rescue.rootfs.cgz

# cp ../rescue.rootfs.cgz /cm/images/default-image/boot/


  1. Test the modified rescue environment by booting a node and check the modules



If there is no RPM package for the kernel module, then you can copy the kernel module binary itself to the exact location where kernel modules are under the extracted rescue filesystem instead.

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