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Can I use a custom CMDaemon authentication mechanism for OpenStack?

For Bright 7.1 you can customize the way CMDaemon obtains authentication data from OpenStack. So, instead of a built-in method you can provide your own script that collects the required information. This data is used only for interaction between CMDaemon and its OpenStack deployment.


The script can get the OpenStack username, password and project name from the environment variables OS_USERNAME, OS_PASSWORD, OS_TENANT_NAME. CMDaemon expects the output of a script as a JSON document with following format:

  "token": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN",
  "project_id": "YOUR_PROJECT_ID"

An example script can be found at /cm/local/examples/cmd/customauth on the head node.

The path to the script should be set in an AdvancedConfig parameter in /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf as follows:

AdvancedConfig = {"OpenstackAuthScript=/path/to/your/script"}

Tags: custom auth, OpenStack, project_id, script, token

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