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Can I use Lustre on the Intel Xeon Phi?

Can I use Lustre on the Intel Xeon  Phi?


Yes. You will need to update the Bright Cluster Manager 7.0 intel-mic-*-<distro> packages to the latest version and make sure that MPSS 3.3 is installed.


You can download native Lustre RPMs for the Xeon Phi from:



and you need to place them in:

/cm/images/<software image of MIC host node>/cm/local/apps/intel-mic/current/RPMS


You will also need to define an overlay of type RPM so that those RPMs get installed when the MPSS service starts:



[root@micdev ~]# cmsh
[micdev]% category use mic-default
[micdev->category[mic-default]]% micsettings
[micdev->category[mic-default]->micsettings]% overlay
[micdev->category[mic-default]->micsettings->overlay]% add mic-modules
[micdev->category*[mic-default*]->micsettings*->overlay*[mic-modules*]]% set type rpm
[micdev->category*[mic-default*]->micsettings*->overlay*[mic-modules*]]% set source  /cm/local/apps/intel-mic/current/RPMS/lustre-client-
[micdev->category*[mic-default*]->micsettings*->overlay*[mic-modules*]]% commit
[micdev->category[mic-default]->micsettings->overlay[mic-modules]]% ..
[micdev->category[mic-default]->micsettings->overlay]% add mic-client
[micdev->category*[mic-default*]->micsettings*->overlay*[mic-client*]]% set type rpm
[micdev->category*[mic-default*]->micsettings*->overlay*[mic-client*]]% set source
[micdev->category*[mic-default*]->micsettings*->overlay*[mic-client*]]% set source /cm/local/apps/intel-mic/current/RPMS/lustre-client-mic-
[micdev->category*[mic-default*]->micsettings*->overlay*[mic-client*]]% commit


After that you will need to reboot the MIC host nodes.

When the node boots you can verify that the installation works with:

On the MIC host verify that the following line exists in the auto-generated section of the MIC configuration packages:


[root@node001 ~]# cat /etc/mpss/mic0.conf | grep lustre
Overlay rpm /cm/local/apps/intel-mic/current/RPMS/lustre-client-mic-modules-2.6.51- on


Finally, verify that Lustre is available on the MIC itself:


[root@node001-mic0 ~]# mount.lustre --version
mount.lustre 2.6.51
[root@node001-mic0 ~]# rpm -qa | grep lustre
[root@node001-mic0 ~]# dmesg | grep lustre
[   10.012543] lustre-client-mic-modules-2.6.51-
[   14.758675] lustre-client-mic-2.6.51-
[ 1361.593508] Module lustre loaded at 0xffffffffa04a3000
[root@node001-mic0 ~]#


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