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How can I extend the default LDAP schema?

Such an extension should only be done if user management is no longer being done by Bright Cluster Manager, but, for example, by an external LDAP server.
The following three-step process can extend the default OpenLdap schema that is on Bright Cluster Manager, typically in order to match the schema present on the external LDAP server.


1. Write a local schema file with the extensions

Create a new file /cm/local/apps/openldap/etc/schema/local.schema with the new ldap schema additions. Eg, here it is three new attributes, and one auxiliary class for users:


attributetype ( NAME 'ABHPCCloudProvider'

 DESC 'AB HPC Cloud Provider'

 EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch

 SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch


 # SYNTAX = string


attributetype ( NAME 'ABMidPlus'

 DESC 'AB Mid Plus'


 # SYNTAX = integer


attributetype ( NAME 'AthenaNeedsHomeDir'

 DESC 'Athena needs home directory'


 # SYNTAX = boolean


objectclass ( NAME 'ABAthenaUser'

 DESC 'Athena user'


 MAY (ABHPCCloudProvider $ ABMidPlus $ AthenaNeedsHomeDir ) )


(For a full documentation of LDAP schema see:


2. Import the new schema in the LDAP configuration

Add the following line in /cm/local/apps/openldap/etc/slapd.conf to extend the schema:


include /cm/local/apps/openldap/etc/schema/local.schema


Restart LDAP to implement the addition:


[root@master01 ~]# /etc/init.d/ldap restart

Stopping slapd: [ OK ]



Checking configuration files for slapd: config file testing succeeded  [ OK ]

Starting slapd:        [ OK ]



3. Apply the new attributes to existing users

[root@master01 ~]# ldapmodify -v -w $LDAP_PASSWORD -D cn=root,dc=cm,dc=cluster -h

ldap_initialize( ldap:// )

dn: uid=chumley,dc=cm,dc=cluster

changetype: modify

add: objectClass

objectClass: ABAthenaUser



add objectClass:


modifying entry "uid=chumley,dc=cm,dc=cluster"

modify complete


dn: uid=chumley,dc=cm,dc=cluster

changetype: modify

add: ABHPCCloudProvider

ABHPCCloudProvider: BrightComputing

- add: ABMidPlus

ABMidPlus: 0

- add: AthenaNeedsHomeDir

AthenaNeedsHomeDir: 1



add ABHPCCloudProvider:


add ABMidPlus:


add AthenaNeedsHomeDir:


modifying entry "uid=chumley,dc=cm,dc=cluster"

modify complete


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