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How do I install the AMD FirePro GPU Driver on Bright?

How do I install the AMD FirePro GPU Driver on Bright?


The AMD FirePro GPU driver can be installed, and the OpenCL feature checked, on Bright Cluster Manager as follows:


Download the correct version of “AMD FirePro Software Suite” for your AMD graphic hardware from the AMD web site:

For AMD FirePro S9150 use:

Generate the installation package

On the Head Node unzip the downloaded packet:

[root@headnode1 ~]# unzip

Enter in the packet folder and run the following command to list all the generatable packages:

[root@headnode1 ~]# ./ --listpkg


AMD Catalyst(TM) Proprietary Driver Installer/Packager


List of generatable packages:


Package Maintainer(s): AMD

Status: Verified

RedHat Packages:








Run the following command to generate the packages for you Linux version:

[root@headnode1 ~]# ./amd-driver-installer-<version>-<architecture>.run --buildpkg <Linux Distribution/version> --NoXServer

For example, to build a RHEL7x64/CentOS7x64 package, run the following:

[root@headnode1 ~]# ./ --buildpkg RedHat/RHEL7_64a --NoXServer


AMD Catalyst(TM) Proprietary Driver Installer/Packager


Generating package: RedHat/RHEL7_64a

Package /root/fglrx-14.502.1040/fglrx64_p_i_c-14.301.1019-1.x86_64.rpm has been successfully generated

Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.OevOB7


Login into the Head Node, then run the following commands to:

  1. Create new softwareimage

  2. Create new category

  3. Install the package into a new softwareimage

  4. Assign the new category to the Compute Node

  5. Finalize installation on the Compute Node

[root@headnode1 ~]# cmsh

% softwareimage clone default-image amd-gpu-image

% commit

% category add amd-gpu

% set softwareimage amd-gpu-image

% commit

% quit

[root@headnode1 ~]# yum --installroot=/cm/images/amd-gpu-image/ install fglrx64_p_i_c-14.502.1040-1.x86_64.rpm

[root@headnode1 ~]# cmsh

% device use node001

% set category amd-gpu

% commit

% reboot

% quit

[root@headnode1 ~]# ssh node001

[root@node001 ~]# cd /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod

[root@node001 ~]# ./

[root@node001 ~]# cd /lib/modules/fglrx/

[root@node001 ~]# ./

[root@node001 ~]# exit

[root@headnode1 ~]# cmsh

% device

% grabimage -w -i amd-gpu-image node001

% quit


Test Installation

Login into the Head Node, then run the commands below to check the installation:

[root@headnode1 ~]# ssh node001

[root@node001 ~]# rpm -qa | grep fglrx


[root@node001 ~]# clinfo | grep GPU

 Device Type:                    CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU

[root@node001 ~]# lsmod | grep fglrx

fglrx                9522071  0

amd_iommu_v2           19054  1 fglrx


Testing OpenCL

Download the AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing ("APP") package from:

Choose the appropriate .tgz file, agree to the license and start the download.

Then, login into the head node, and run the following commands, and run the demo code as indicated:

[root@headnode1 ~]# mkdir /cm/shared/apps/amdgpu

[root@headnode1 ~]# cd /cm/shared/apps/amdgpu/

[root@headnode1 amdgpu]# tar -jxvf AMD-APP-SDK-linux-v2.9-1.599.381-GA-x64.tar.bz2

[root@headnode1 amdgpu]# curl | tar xvfz -

[root@headnode1 amdgpu]# ssh node001

[root@node001 ~]# cd /cm/shared/apps/amdgpu/

[root@node001 ~]# ./

 Do you accept the licence (y/n)? y

 AMD APP SDK v2.9-1 will be installed for all users.

 Enter the Installation directory. Press ENTER for choosing the default directory: [/opt]

[root@node001 ~]# cd tools-master/

[root@node001 ~]# make OPENCL_INC=/opt/AMDAPPSDK-2.9-1/include/ OPENCL_LIB=/opt/AMDAPPSDK-2.9-1/lib/x86_64/

[root@node001 ~]# ./print-devices

 platform 0: vendor 'Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'

 device 0: 'Hawaii'

 device 1: 'AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor'

[root@node001 ~]# ./cl-demo 1000000 10

 Choose platform:

 [0] Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

 Enter choice: 0

 Choose device:

 [0] Hawaii

 [1] AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor

 Enter choice: 1


 NAME: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor

 VENDOR: AuthenticAMD


 VERSION: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1573.4)



 *** Kernel compilation resulted in non-empty log message.

 *** Set environment variable CL_HELPER_PRINT_COMPILER_OUTPUT=1 to see more.

 *** NOTE: this may include compiler warnings and other important messages

 ***   about your code.

 *** Set CL_HELPER_NO_COMPILER_OUTPUT_NAG=1 to disable this message.

 0.008372 s

 1.433417 GB/s


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