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How do I integrate ldap-passwd-webui with Bright?

What is ldap-passwd-webui?

A simple tool, written entirely in Python.
The original tool can be found at
It allows the end user to change their password via a web interface.

To allow integration with Bright Cluster Manager, ldap-passwd-webui was modified. The modified tool is at:

The tool runs on Python 3, and was tested with Python 3.6.7
A requirements.txt file is found in the project. The contents mention the following version requirements:
bottle >= 0.12.8
ldap3 >= 2.0, < 3.0
configparser; python_version < '3.3'

Installation steps, into linux

To make ldap-passwd-webui work with Bright cluster, the following cert and key files need to be copied over from the head node into the project's home directory:

The settings.ini.example file should then be copied over to settings.ini

An example of a settings.ini file that works with the default configuration of the cluster is:


page_title = Change your password

host = ldapserver
port = 636
use_ssl = True
base = ou=Group,dc=cm,dc=cluster
search_filter = cn={uid}

# Uncomment if your ldap server requires client to present those files
key_file = ldap.key
cert_file = ldap.pem
ca_file = ca.pem

# Uncomment for AD / Samba 4
#type = ad
#ad_domain =
#search_filter = sAMAccountName={uid}

server = auto
host = localhost
port = 8080


When done, the tool can be run.

ldap-passwd-webui can run as a standalone web server:



The URL to reach the GUI is:



The README.adoc file that is included with the tool has further details about web server integration.

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