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How do I use ScaleMP on Bright?

How can I run ScaleMP on Bright?


This guide describes how to use ScaleMP’s vSMP for Cloud product to create virtual SMP nodes in a cluster.

Installing and Activating the License Server on the Head Node

The license server allows the creation of VMs when booting from network. The following process is used to install and activate the license server:


  1. Download the network license server installation program (file name format is from

    and verify its MD5 checksum.

  2. Run the installation program on the Head Node with the serial number and the checksum (Csum) values that you received when you purchased the software. Use the following format:

sh <Serial> <Csum>


  1. If upgrading an existing license server installation the installer can be executed without the serial number. In that case, use the following format:

sh -i


  1. The following session shows a successful run of the installer:

# ./ 00000000 53305

Please enter absolute install path or press Enter to default



* Stopping vsf_lmgr

[ OK ]

* Starting vsf_lmgr

[ OK ]

The license server was installed successfully.

In order to request a license from ScaleMP, login to the ScaleMP support page at

and enter the following details to request a license:

System identification: 18W01-00X04-23XB1-42X4A-00000-000

CSum: 41799


  1. Verify the license server installation by accessing the server with a browser at:
      http://<license server IP>:5054.

Requesting a System Key from ScaleMP

In order to generate a network license, go to

and fill the requested information with the System Identification and the CSum generated by



Once your request has been processed, an email message will be sent to you containing the the license.

To complete the installation process on your license server

  1. Save the license received by email to


    If you already have an existing vSMP Foundation network license, then append the new license file to the existing one.

  2. Restart the vsf_lmgr daemon with:

      service vsf_lmgr restart

  3. Verify the license by using a browser to go to:

       http://<LICENSE SERVER ADDRESS>:5054

Installing vSMP for Cloud

Before virtual SMP nodes can be created, the ScaleMP vSMP for Cloud software needs to be installed on the head node of the cluster. The vSMP for Cloud software consists of two components:

  • The Image Manager utility

  • The vSMP image

  1. Download the two components (the name formats are vsf_image_manager-X.X.X.X and vSMP-X.X.X.X.img) from

    and verify their MD5 checksum.

  2. Both components have to be copied to the /cm/local/apps/vsmp directory on the head node:

# cp vsf_image_manager-X.X.X.X /cm/local/apps/vsmp/

# cp vSMP-X.X.X.X.img /cm/local/apps/vsmp


  1. Create the /cm/local/apps/vsmp/image_manager.img symbolic link that points to the Image Manager that should be used and set the execute permissions:

# ln -sf vsf_image_manager-X.X.X.X /cm/local/apps/vsmp/image_manager

# chmod 700 /cm/local/apps/vsmp/vsf_image_manager-X.X.X.X


  1. Create the /cm/local/apps/vsmp/vSMP.img symbolic link that points to the vSMP image that should be used:

# ln -sf vSMP-X.X.X.X.img /cm/local/apps/vsmp/vSMP.img


  1. In the AdvancedConfig statement of /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf add the server license parameter ScaleMPLicenseManager=<license server IP>:5053:


AdvancedConfig = { “[...]”,"ScaleMPLicenseManager=<license server IP>:5053" }



  1. Restart CMdaemon:

service cmd restart

Creating Virtual SMP Nodes

After the vSMP for Cloud software has been installed, virtual SMP nodes may be created using cmsh or cmgui, as described in the Bright 7.x Installation Manual (sections 7.9.2 and 7.9.3).


vSMP Foundation downloads

vSMP Foundation Product Guide

vSMP Foundation HW Compatibility List


For smooth operation, please ensure that the version of CMDaemon is r27311 or later.

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