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How do I use Bright 6.0 with vpc-only AWS regions?

Newer AWS accounts may have some, or all AWS regions set to 'vpc-only', which means that they do not provide the EC2-classic environment. Instead, these regions have a 'default VPC' configured, which serves to emulate the EC2-classic environment. As of Bright 6.1, the default settings for extending a cluster into the cloud work fine with vpc-only regions.


On Bright 6.0, one has to make sure the following are true when bursting to a vpc-only region:

  1. base address of the cloud network is (instead of which is the default in Bright 6.0)
  2. base address of the netmap network is (instead of which is the default in Bright 6.0). This step may involve having to change the IPs of the "map0" interface for any existing nodes.
Simultaneous bursting to multiple cloud regions only part of which are vpc-only region is unsupported in Bright 6.0 (it is supported in Bright 6.1). Note, however, that encountering this issue is very unlikely as only a very small number of AWS accounts has access to regions some of which are vpc-only while the others are not vpc-only.

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