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How can UGE use PostrgreSQL for the spooling Database?

How can UGE use PostrgreSQL for the spooling Database?


For  clusters running UGE, its plain text spool is rarely a performance bottleneck.


For busy enough clusters the BerkeleyDB is meant to be a faster way to spool, but it has stability issues at the time of writing (May 2015). A spool running on Postgres can be used instead, as follows:


1- Install the needed postgres packages, then initialize and start postgreSQL:


# yum install postgresql-server postgresql

# service postgresql initdb

# service postgresql start

# su - postgres

$ createuser -S -D -R -l -P -E ugeadmin

$ createdb -O ugeadmin ugespool

2- Edit "/cm/shared/apps/uge/var/cm/inst_template.conf" and change the following parameters:




PG_SPOOLING_ARGS="host=master dbname=ugespool user=ugeadmin"



  • The spooling arguments should be changed according to the Postgresql database configuration.

  • The cm-uge package provides the inst_template.conf.template file. This file should be copied to inst_template.conf so that it gets recognized by the UGE installer which gets called implicitly by the wlm-setup utility.


3- Set up UGE using wlm-setup


# wlm-setup -s -w uge -a <path to UGE tarballs>

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