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How do I add a submit host to GE?

How do I add a submit host to GE (Grid Engine)?

  1. Edit /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf and add the following advanced configuration parameter:

# vim /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf


AdvancedConfig = { "AdditionalSubmitHosts=<hostname>" }

  1. restart CMDaemon

# service cmd restart

  1. add the submit host in GE configurations

# qconf -as <hostname>

  1. add the firewall rules to /etc/shorewall/rules to allow communication to sge master

ACCEPT    net        fw        tcp    6444

ACCEPT    net        fw        udp    6444

  1. restart shorewall

# service shorewall restart

  1. Install the GE packages on the submit host

(a) Ubuntu 14.04

# sudo apt-get install gridengine-client
# dpkg-reconfigure gridengine-client

(b) For RHEL based and SLES based distributions, the GE client package should be installed manually:
(on the head node)

(i) for RHEL-based distros:

# yumdownloader sge-client

(ii) for SLES-based distros:

# zypper install --download-only --force sge-client
# ls /var/cache/zypp/packages/Cluster_Manager_Updates/x86_64/

(on the submit host)

 # rpm -ivh sge-client

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