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How can I move /cm/shared to a dedicated NFS server?

How can I move /cm/shared to a dedicated, off-cluster, NFS server?


The explanations on how to configure NFS are in the Bright Cluster Administrator Manual.


But here's a recipe for this particular example of moving from a default local /cm/shared that is provided via the head node, to a /cm/shared provided over an external NFS:



Stopping CMDaemon is not needed if there are no services, applications, or environment modules accessing /cm/shared.

This can be checked with an

  lsof /cm/shared

which should show which services (for example, slurmctld and slurmdbd if running SLURM) need to be shut down.


Then, copy the data from the head node's local /cm/shared to the external NFS server. Rsync can do this, with, for example:


# rsync -av /cm/shared/ nashost:/cm/shared/


Next, add an fsmount entry to the Bright head node:


# cmsh

% device use master

% fsmounts

% add /cm/shared

% set device nashost:/cm/shared

% set filesystem nfs

% commit


Then, modify the existing /cm/shared fsmount for the regular node categories so that the regular nodes mount /cm/shared from the external NFS server, and not from the head node:


# cmsh

% category use <category-name>

% fsmounts

% set /cm/shared device nashost:/cm/shared

% commit


Finally, all /cm/shared@* entries should be removed from the fsexports entry on the head node. For example:


# cmsh

% device use master

% fsexports

% remove /cm/shared@internalnet

% commit

That will remove all /cm/shared entries from /etc/exports on the head node

In the examples above, replace nashost with the IP address or fully-qualified domain name of the dedicated NFS server

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