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How do I offload my user portal?

This question is about clusters that have the head node in a failover configuration.

By default, the user portal is served by the active node. That is, the shared IP serves it, and the individual head node ip that is active serves it, but not the individual IP that is passive.

To run the user portal on a regular node, (see /srv/www/htdocs/userportal/ or /var/www/html/userportal/ documentation), copy over the user portal web directory, edit masterinclude.php so that in the define lines for CMDHOST and LDAPHOST, the text "localhost" is changed to the accessible hostname/IP of the active head node. For example, if the IP address is, and the hostname is head1, then the lines become:

       define("CMDHOST", "");
       define("LDAPHOST", "");



       define("CMDHOST", "head1");
       define("LDAPHOST", "head1");


The accessible hostname/IP of the active head node must be correct from the node serving up the user portal for both head nodes being active.

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