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How do I configure Grafana for Bright 8.1

Setup Grafana with Bright 8.1

With this KB article we are going to setup Grafana on a Bright cluster, in order to consume metrics from cmdaemon.

Note: this procedure requires the Workload Accounting & Reporting (WAR) addon for the Bright cluster.


Download Grafana

We are going to use Grafana 4.6.0, but using a newer version should also work the same way.


On the head node, open a terminal as root user:


cd /root


mkdir -p /cm/local/apps/grafana

cd /cm/local/apps/grafana

tar xf /root/grafana-4.6.0.linux-x64.tar.gz

mv grafana-4.6.0 4.6.0

ln -s 4.6.0 current

adduser grafana

mkdir current/data

chown grafana:grafana data


Then setup a systemd service file in this path /etc/systemd/system/grafana.service:














and reload the systemd configuration:


systemctl daemon-reload


Then add this line to the shorewall configuration, to allow external access to

the Grafana dashboard /etc/shorewall/rules:


ACCEPT   net            fw              tcp     3000 # Grafana


and reload the firewall configuration:


systemctl reload shorewall


Add the service to cmdeaemon

For this we use the Generic role functionality of cmdaemon, allowing to manage

grafana like all the other builtin services through Bright View and cmsh. From a

cmsh console:


[mb-cluster]% device use master

[mb-cluster->device[mb-cluster]]% roles

[mb-cluster->device[mb-cluster]->roles]% assign generic::grafana

[mb-cluster->device*[mb-cluster*]->roles*[Generic::grafana*]]% set services grafana

[mb-cluster->device*[mb-cluster*]->roles*[Generic::grafana*]]% set excludelist /cm/local/apps/grafana/current/data

[mb-cluster->device*[mb-cluster*]->roles*[Generic::grafana*]]% commit


Configure Grafana

You'll be able to access Grafana with your browser, by going to

http://head-node-ip:3000, with default login username: "admin", password:



Add a new data source in the Grafana interface, with the following parameters:

  • Name: cmdaemon

  • Type: prometheus

  • HTTP settings:

    • URL: https://localhost:8081/prometheus

    • Access: proxy

  • HTTP Auth:

    • Basic Auth: yes

    • Skip TLS verification: yes

  • Basic Auth details:

    • User: <your username>

    • Passowrd: <your password>


In the authentication you should use your login. Make sure that you have the

right permissions to be able to access the monitoring data from cmdemon.


After this is done, you'll be able to create a dashboard in Grafana and use the

cmdaemon data source. You can use PromQL queries in your graphs. Grafana

autocompletion works and can guide you through the various metrics available.

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