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How do I integrate a custom torque installation with Bright Cluster Manager?

If you install torque using a path that is different from the standard BCM one, then you should carry out the following steps (BCM version should be >= 6.0):

  1.  Disable torque: wlm-setup -w torque -d
  2. Set the following parameters under the AdvancedConfig directive (see example at end) section of /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf:
    • TorqueRoot - directory of torque installation (default: /cm/shared/apps/torque/current/);
    • TorqueServerSpool - server spool directory (default: /cm/shared/apps/torque/var/spool/);
    • TorqueMomSpool - mom spool directory (default: /cm/local/apps/torque/var/spool/).
  3. If you need to use init scripts different from the scripts provided by the Bright Computing torque package, then add the following parameters into your AdvancedConfig section:
    • TorqueServerService - a name of torque server service (default: torque_server);
    • TorqueMomService - a name of torque mom service (default: torque_mom);
    • TorqueSchedService - a name of torque scheduler service (default: torque_sched).
  4. Change $torqueroot value in /cm/local/apps/cmd/scripts/healthchecks/schedulers (for example, to "/usr/").
  5. Repeat the same for all nodes where torque is running and restart cmd service there.
  6. Enable torque: wlm-setup -w torque -e

Example of an AdvancedConfg section:
AdvancedConfig = {

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