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How do I upgrade a Torque package?

  1. Kill all torque jobs.
  2. Backup the torque configuration:
    qmgr -c "p s" > /root/qmgr.backup 
  3. Disable torque:
    wlm-setup -w torque -d
  4. Update torque and openmpi on head node and in software images:
    yum update torque torque-client openmpi*
    yum update torque-client openmpi* --installroot=/cm/images/<software image name> 
  5. Propagate software image(s) to compute nodes.
  6. Load new module:
    module unload torque
    module load torque
  7. Setup default torque configuration:
    wlm-setup -w torque -s 
  8. Check managers
    Move the line for the first server manager (set server managers = root@...) to the beginning of qmgr.backup text file. Any other server managers should also be moved and appended (set server managers += user@...) as lines immediately after the first line.
  9. Restore old torque configuration:
    cat /root/qmgr.backup | qmgr -e

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