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How do I install and use ospurge in Bright 7.3 OpenStack?

How do I install and use ospurge in Bright Cluster Manager 7.3 OpenStack?



The following packages are needed:


  • git
  • python34
  • python34-pip
  • python34-devel

You can install them with: 

yum install git python34 python34-pip python34-devel


The ospurge software must also be pulled into the head node. This can be pulled with:

git clone

cd ospurge

python34 install


After ospurge installation these python 3 packages must also be installed:


pip3.4 install os-client-config shade pbr typing 


Using ospurge:


ospurge is run from the head node.


Basic help can be viewed with:

ospurge -h

To purge a project by ID <project_id> or by name <project_name> the following syntax can be used:


ospurge --verbose --purge-project <project_id||project_name>


A user can purge his own project with his own credentials as follows:


ospurge --purge-own-project


The tool works over multiple domains.

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